D-Day Friday 13th

I’m quite pleased to be starting my adventure on Friday 13th, it feels a little edgy without having to make much of an effort. In reality my adventure started in 2009 when I turned tail on one career and headed out into new waters (oooh the mixing of metaphors, you can tell she’s a virgin blogger) but that’s another story.

Handing in my notice this February was a point of no return and quite frankly this morning’s nonsense hulking my new (old) VW camper around Wood Green trying to buy a steering wheel lock (I’m not going to mention the bit about the van battery refusing to turn over as that’s just tempting fate) was a bit of an adventure in itself.

Maybe it’s one of the joys of getting on a bit, in the old days my misadventure this morning would have wound me up something rotten but today I saw it as a trial run for some hiccoughs in the unknown ahead. As I start to step out of routines and schedules, or at least my own, and into a space where there’s going to be time to embrace misadventures as part of the journey ahead, who really cares that it took me 3 hours to achieve a third of the tasks I’d set myself before scurrying home.

And now to paint the bathroom ceiling and then start dissembling my house to make it ready for Luke and Clare to move in.

Will do a van blog later but to summarise, I have a van, it’s beautiful but it has no power steering and I have to relearn how to drive an old vehicle. At the moment it’s called The Fridge because it looks like one, and not in a retro chic Smeg kinda way.

About Kate Fenhalls

This may or may not be my 41 year old gap year. Yesterday (2/4/12) may or may not have been my last ever day working in an office. Who knows, let's see what happens...
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One Response to D-Day Friday 13th

  1. susanpoozan says:

    I shall enjoy following your travels, good luck and sorry that I won’t be there to wave you off!

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