So last week had a ‘first’ experience for me – you know those showers in motorway service stations that you pass momentarily wondering who uses them, well that’s me now. In between my 4 days at Cwmnewidion Isaf and camp there was a need in social health terms for me to wash. Crocs particularly come into their own in motorway service station showers, mmmm.

Tried to buy a woolly hat in Narberth (Pembrokeshire) which is now so twee that linen cupcake doilies are more prevalent than woolly hats. There are 3 different shops selling cupcake making tools on the high street. Surely we have reached the nadir of consumerism when in rainy west Wales it’s easier to buy cupcake accessories than outdoor clothing.

I left Jo and Rui’s last Monday (30 April) after a joyous weekend chez eux dodging some brutal weather. It was lovely to hang with them all and the girls who are all gorgeous. We get on very well as I swoop in, do fun, then leave before the novelty wears off so can cultivate a bit of a guest celebrity status.

Rui and I recced an abandoned farmhouse with lovely outbuildings and some fields and woodland, perfect. But probably unobtainable with Monmouthshire prices but he’s on the case of finding out who owns it…

On Monday I wended my way up to Cwmnewidion Isaf to help out with the Fire in the

Joe, some pork burgers and Buirski’s bbq

Mountain set up. The crew grew throughout the week and we dabbled with cold and some

rain. We cleared, built, dismantled and remantled and ate more home grown organic pork from the farm than is strictly recommended but my was it delicious.

we built a bridge

I left early Friday morning to wing my way to near Swindon for 3 days FSC camping with 50+ kids and 40+ adults. If only I hadn’t had such a long journey I would have stopped to investigate a pretty intriguing sign which read “Giant Baby Rabbits for sale”… Vic and I discussed the best van pet and both got slightly freaked out by a baby rabbit growing to the size of my van. Maybe a normal sized one.

A beautiful weekend of energy, enthusiasm, mud, rain, cold, singing, campfires, food, fun and general joy.


It’s always a pleasure to come together with the special folk of FSC who pour their everything into making camp just as much as it can be for the kids and for ourselves. Nice. A huge joy to share this with my neice and nephew who camped for the first time and though found it challenging had a ball.

I’ve spent the past couple of days at their house de-mudding, washing and visiting my Grandmother and being serenaded by their unique renditions of camp classics. Ed is particularly enamoured of a pretty dark song dealing with workers rights and health and safety in the chemical industry (Process Man) – it does have a stonking tune.

how to hold a meeting FSC style

I hadn’t wanted to come back to London before June but being so close it seemed crazy not to take advantage of some warm and dry before I head off to my next wwoofing destination near Welshpool at the end of the week. My lovely grandmother (who will be reading this as she’s a very competent silver surfer at the age of 90) had a bit of a turn a week before I left so a visit when close to the big smoke was an important thing. I found her in fine fettle which was lovely. I also had a bit of a London tourist moment which was good – I’ve been meaning to visit this museum in Notting Hill for ages but it’s taken me leaving London to make it. It’s very nostalgic seeing crisp packets from when you were 5…


About Kate Fenhalls

This may or may not be my 41 year old gap year. Yesterday (2/4/12) may or may not have been my last ever day working in an office. Who knows, let's see what happens...
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3 Responses to Firsts…

  1. susanpoozan says:

    Well done for weathering the less agreeable and getting full enjoyment from the good.

  2. thanks for keeping an eye on me from afar – all well? x

  3. Tom Whitemore says:

    I love the photos Kate. Would be lovely to see you in some….if possible

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