So this blog has a couple of purposes. Its primary function is to salve my fevered brow when I’m alone in a Pembrokeshire gale on the top of a cliff in a static caravan (my first Wwoofing destination). If I have the impression of a digital audience out there absorbing my ramblings it might help keep the demons away!

I’m also looking forward to what could be more regular communication with some nearest and dearest than I’ve had when living down the road from them. I have mused about the security blanket of digital communication that I didn’t have when I first went travelling – a Poste Restante in Jakarta 3 months down the line was all that was available – but I’m looking forward to it. Even writing this, not knowing whether it’s private or public is curious. I know it’s public but heck, no one could be reading which makes it pretty private!

But this is the About page so here’s a quick summary of the mission statement:

1) I’ve had this vision of me as a small holder for quite some time now but realised the gap in skills, preparedness and generally any clue about what to do next to reach this point was enormous. So I worked out that I could rent out my flat, live off that and the board and lodging provided by Wwoofing hosts and find out whether I only love being rural because I’ve always had a city (a very beloved one at that) to return to.

2) I want to find out how small organic farmers are making a living – box schemes, CSAs, education, sheepskin slippers – there are hundreds of inventive and creative ideas that I’d love to learn about.

3) I want to see if there’s a particular bit of the country that tickles my fancy – my leaning is West (Wales, Wales / English borders, Somerset etc.) but there’s lots more out there…

To be continued…


4 Responses to About

  1. Jane Groves says:

    looking forward to hearing about your adventures Kate! I’m living in Wicklow Ireland, just over the ditch, and there’s always a place for you to lay your hat if you pass this way! happy travels, Jane xo

  2. Shelley Russak says:

    Hi Kate

    My name is Shelley Russak nee Fenhalls and I live in Cape Town.

    Are you per chance related to the late Roy and Maureen Fenhalls?


    • Hi Shelley. My grandmother Maureen’s still going strong at 94. How are you related to them? Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all live here in the UK.



      • Shelley Russak says:

        Hi Kate
        I have just seen your reply!!
        I am your grandfather Roy’s niece!
        My late dad was Neville Fenhalls and Roy and Neville’s dad was Nathan Fenhalls.
        Please would you send me Richard and Mark’s email address as well as your grandmother. I would love to make contact with them. I am not sure if your mom Jane remembers me.
        My husband and I lived in London from 1989 – 1991 and I spent time with my uncle Roy having toasted buns at Fortnum & Mason. He loved that place! He also bought me two Crabtree & Evelyn porcelain soap holders of which I still have one! We also had a few dinners with Roy and Maureen!
        How the years have flown by….
        Please write again.
        Warm wishes

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